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Kit Contents:

Root Ranger - Designed to penetrate obstructions with its pointed nose cone driven by one ceramic thrust port for maximum thrust and cut

Predator Penetrator - Complete with 1 front and 3 large rear jets, the Penetrator is designed to punch through the obstruction with little resistance, allowing the rear jets to attack the blockage quickly

Negotiator Thruster - Complete with 6 rear thrusting jets, this nozzle is designed to negootiate its way through tight bends and traps with its rounded head

Compressor Penetrator - With 3 large rear and 1 forward jet, this nozzle is used for tight access drains and whip hoses.  Fitted with 1/8" to 1/4" adaptor for fitting to standard hose

1 x Stainless Steel Female Quick Coupler x 1/4" Female BSP
1 x 3/16" Hose Tail Swage x 1/4" Male BSP - For Hose Repair
1 x 1/4" Hose Tail Swage x 1/4" Male BSP - For Hose Repair
1 x Spanner Wrench for Removing Quick Connect Plug from Nozzles
1 x Nozzle Tip Cleaner in Capsule

Water Jetter Nozzle Box - 9 Piece

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